Flat Feet Can Be A Problem

You know the old adage "the ankle bone's connected to the knee bone." Well, think for a minute what happens if you have flat feet. There is an automatic internal rotation of the weight bearing bone (tibia) of the lower leg because of the fallen arch in the foot. The tibia is also the weight bearing bone at the knee joint. This obligatory rotation of the tibia can pull on ligaments of the knee, thus resulting in a preloading stress to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) during weight bearing. So, a person with flat feet may be predisposed to ACL injury especially if they are active. This doesn't mean quit being active, it means take care of your alignment with arch supports and exercise. In physical therapy we can give you exercises that can strengthen the arch and the muscles that will derotate the tibia. Don't ignore your alignment! It has everything to do with how the rest of your body feels and moves.

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Julie Endreson, MS, ATC

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