Olympic Style Treatment

September, 2008

I just got back from a month in China, working with our track and field athletes as part of the US medical staff. One thing that I didn’t have ready in my repertoire at the Olympics was a stretch routine for the hips and legs. Before each running athlete went to compete, they came to the Athletic Trainer’s tables at the warm up track for quick massage and/or stretching. The Athletic Trainers who work with college athletes had a routine down. They manually stretched every muscle of the hips and legs in a very active, rhythmic way. I return to my physical therapy clinic in Santa Fe with these new skills and I think they can easily be helpful to anyone, athlete or not. I see so many people with back, hip and knee problems; some of these folks have all three. There are some key muscles that tighten as we age and if we get help and get educated we can avoid some of the ongoing arthritic problems so many of us encounter.                                                                                              May, 2016

I am just as adamant now about stretching as I was when I returned from China.  I see so many people with arthritis.  The tighter the muscles, the more compressed the joints, the faster the degenerative changes.  We can give you information about where you need stretching most and help you learn proper form to increase your flexibility.

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Julie Endreson, MS, ATC

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