Insurance Questions

Q: How many Medicare visits can I have?

Medicare allows $2,080 per year for physical therapy. This comes out to about 18 visits.

Q: Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

If you would like to use your health insurance to pay we need a prescription. If you would like to pay privately we charge $135 per visit and you do not need a prescription.

Q: How many times a week should I come in?

We usually see our clients twice weekly. If you have just had surgery your visits could be more frequently initially.


Q: What insurances do you take?

We take all health insurances except Molina, Cigna, Christus, and Humana HMO (we do take other Humana plans). We can take Cigna out-of-network, but your deductible and co-pays will be more than if we were in-network.

Q: How long are treatments?

Anywhere from 50 - 75 minutes.

Q: Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. If you do not give us 24 hours' notice we charge $50, with exceptions for emergencies.

Q: Are co-pays due at the time of service?


Q: What does 'deductible' mean?

This is part of your insurance plan. Most plans will have a certain amount of money they require you to pay each year starting in January before they start paying. If you have a $500 deductible you must pay us out of pocket each visit until that deductible is met.