I was referred to SFSMR for lower back pain that had been bothering me for years and affected my bicycle riding. Thanks to your knowledge, skill and patience, I have successfully completed the Santa Fe Century and plan a long rid across the Rockies. I am extremely grateful to you for all your good work. It is reassuring to know that we have access to professionals like you.



Being an athlete I was concerned that my knee injury was going to end my days of hard skiing and climbing. Julie and her wonderful staff were the key to helping my heal and come back even stronger.



The physical therapists educate you so that you actually understand the problem and why the treatment is right for you.



After a six week stay in the hospital with a bad case of pneumonia I was extremely weak and unsteady. I found SFSMR on the web and scheduled sessions there as a preferred alternative to a stay in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital. I was extremely pleased with the treatment and training I received and now, after just seven sessions am in better shape than before I went into the hospital.


Thank you for helping me get my shoulder and arm back! Your hands are truly gifted. 


Thank you for such wonderful care during the rehab of my broken leg. The doctor says the bone is nearly 100% healed and is very impressed with how quickly and well the leg and foot has healed. Thanks to you! Much gratitude.


Just a note to say thank you so much for your incredible help in getting me to be PAIN FREE!  My back and hip are working normally due to your PT genius and exercises.  I am one grateful patient?  Thanks again to all of you healers extraordinaire!


As Dr. Hinds said, 'In a sea of mediocrity there are islands of brilliance and Julie is one of those islands'.  He was right!  Many thanks for all the help you've given me.


Over 9 months. Hour upon hour of physical therapy. Seemingly countless 'homework' exercises. Wheelchair trips through the wind, snow, rain, and bone-chilling temperatures (fortunately, no sleet or dark of night!). All with the goal of mobility and function for my shoulder and ankle. It's been quite a journey and I want you to know I very much appreciate all you have done. Thank you:

To Aurora and Sanjay for sending me for the doppler evaluation that confirmed the two blood clots in my leg and determined the course of our months together. The outcome could have been so much different. Neither of you gave up on me and both of you provided so much more than just therapy. Encouragement, education, humor, and support characterized our time together. I have left your care not only with the ability to walk, groom myself, reach the top shelf of the cabinets and complete the other activities of daily living, but also with a much better understanding of the need for continued exercise and a plan for achieving it. Your knowledge, professionalism and delivery of care are superlative.

To Jonathan and Jinny for willingly completing the insurance research, attending to the details and smoothly providing the first line of interaction with the team. Your smiles, follow-through and patience set a positive and helpful tone which most providers are unable to achieve.

To Lisa And Isaiah for the exceptionally comforting 'desserts' after the workouts received in the therapy sessions. Your energy and tender-loving-care infuse the entire office with a wonderful atmosphere of positive 'vibes' and sincere concern for your patients.

To Cameron, Candace, and Jennifer for your smiles and support. Although our time together was limited, you never failed to provide a welcoming greeting or some words of encouragement. You clearly have a depth of knowledge which benefits your patients and can serve as a resource for other team members when needed.

And to Julie, for achieving one of the major goals of good management, i.e. hiring the right people for the job, providing them with the tools and environment to be successful in the job and then getting out of the way and letting them do their job. You have also apparently recognized what many employers fail to learn, which is that most people work to live, rather than live to work. Providing flexibility in scheduling work hours is one of the many challenges facing a manager and you seem to have mastered the technique of providing adequate staffing at a given point in time while allowing the staff sufficient flexibility to manage their own lives. My congratulations.

So, to all of you, thank you. Your professionalism, humor, and smiles, positive attitude, and willingness to be inventive when needed have been instrumental in achieving the desired outcome of my time with you. My best wishes to each of you for health, happiness, and success.